My favourite broke, my new one, bone china 75c at the salvos


Be still and just breathe

Sometimes you just have to take note of the little things, which I have been reminded of a few times lately, it has been a stressful few weeks.

* study, assignments piling up, tutors wondering where I am plus a child who home schools and hasn’t handed up any work this term! Opps

* new medication for one of my children, changing the dose every couple of days and seeing how she goes – it’s the 4th change this year – hopefully we get somewhere, please Lord don’t let this one make her worse!

*After 2 decades on a particular medication myself – I come off of my medication and have nothing for a week… Good times are had by all – I didn’t feel too bad or have to many side effects (but more on that another time), but my pain levels did hit the roof, can’t lift my coffee, put my feet on the ground some days but a new medication is to be started; which I’m on now and it’s starting to be worth the change.

*someone else close to me struggling, trying to support them the best I can – 2am phone calls, being there to help, encourage and love, clean their house, look after them.

*First my husbands car breaks down and needs to be towed and then my car breaks down -but at least his is fixed now so we have one to share in our business every day.

*another family member needs doctors and some specialist appointments amongst it all.

*haven’t been working for a while – as I have been in the Carers role for my lovely daughter with autism / schizophrenia which I feel is where I’m meant to be at the moment – so money is really tight but God provides – three times this week when I needed something someone approached me and age it tome as they felt like God wanted them to support me and my family in a particular way – we are blessed amongst it all.  “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus”  Philippians 4:19. 

*my husband goes away for a weekend Christian retreat, and I go away on the same weekend for some training in a ministry I’m involved in – 5 children organised in care!! But what a shambles to organise and if it could go wrong it did, “how do you do it?” People ask – I seriously don’t know!

*driving to a training day through the country I saw the most beautiful sunrise and God saying “be still and know that I am God” psalm 46:10. I breathed deep amongst all the stress I had been having and business -life just gets stressful and busy it is the nature of the life we live. But this sunrise, the beautiful clouds were one of my moments of calm, one of the little things in my week.

*my husband and I had our first big row ever – it was bad and slightly ridiculous looking back – but at the time feelings were hurt, things were said and there were mixed messages – I love the women in my life, God given friends who talk me down off the ledge of crazy sometimes, who know me well and can point out when I’m being a little crazy.

*Amongst all this my daughter who never goes anywhere had 3 events – she was in an art show, won a poetry award and has an opening for a new business that she’s involved in – one proud mumma here, but it added to the busy!

*then sickness hits me, 2 days in bed so far and there will be more – but it makes me stop, refocus, pray, sometimes we get too busy, but God has a way of stopping us in our tracks and drawing us back in.

*and just the everyday cooking, cleaning, meetings, appointments, shopping, children, “MUM, MUM, MUM!!”, maintain friendships, seeing my husband somewhere in it all. Deciding it’s time to downsize and focus on what’s important. (More on that another time too).

*the other day my favourite cup fell to the floor, crash it smashed into tiny pieces. I felt sad, last week it was my favourite glass – we have lots of children, so move on I guess. Wandering around the salvos with one of my daughters I found a lovely bone china cup – just pretty, delicate and beautiful – 75c.  As I sit here smiling, sipping my tea watching a show I enjoy while the children sleep and no one needs me just this second – I realise it’s the small little things that get me by, the little reminders that a God loves me – a new teacup to replace a broken one, a gorgeous sunrise when I feel life’s clouds are heavy, others supporting me when they have no possible way of knowing what I needed.

I am reminded of Gods love for me, his provision for all my needs and the needs of my family and loved ones. It may not always happen in a way we want, or the way we would do it, but his ways are perfect. “As for God, his ways are perfect” psalm 18:30.

Blessings Skye X

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