As this year is close to ending I have just been re-reading my Bible Study fellowship notes on Revelation that I did in 2016 and am starting to feel challenged for 2017… in a way that is different than my average “New Years Resolutions”. I do want to eat better, go to bed earlier (it’s 2:20am), and seriously exercise more!! But it’s more than that.

2016 was all about “changes” for me –

Change – the act or process wherein something becomes different.

Change of lifestyle – to not just say ‘yes’ to every random thing I was asked to do – but to consider my time, my families time, what I have to give and what my limitations were. Was I being asked to do something that would benefit someone else more if they did it for themselves? To think about my ‘yes’, and to try and not live in guilt for my ‘no’.

“Cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you, 1 Peter 5:7”

The above change was influenced by changes to my health – having fibromyalgia, where I knew I needed to look at how I do things and use my time differently.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13” 

Changes for my children – more than one huge issue affecting my children this year which of course effected me – as that is what being a parent is about – this year saw me become a carer as one of my children started open access (doing school at home) – this has been a huge change for her but also to how I ‘do’ life – she is with me or close by most of the time – and I have had to navigate how to be available for her needs, meet my own and those of my new husband and family.

“Children are a heiritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him, Psalm 127:3”

Change in my environment – a big move so new suburb, far away from what I knew – new shops, new streets, new schools, new workplaces (but same job) – it can be exciting, but also isolating when nothing is familiar and it took time for my girls and I to settle into this – we are still adjusting.

“For I know the plans I have for you”, says the Lord,  Jeremiah 29:11″

New churches – this isn’t as easy as it sounds – we are a large family and finding a ‘fit’ for all of us so we are fed, challenged, feel at home, and can offer something is a working progress – a great youth, but no children’s church or awesome children’s church and 3 youth… I know we will end up where we are meant to be if we persevere and keep looking… and I know that being with my husband, children or friends can be ‘church’ as we are the church here to live our lives as an example to others – not a sinless, judging example but as a grace covered sinful human being called to care for all.

“Seek God with all your heart, Jeremiah 29:13”

Getting married, becoming a ‘blended family’ so a huge change in family dynamics. Iv’e never been a step-mother before, my husband has never been a step-father, our children learning to live together and share our time with all their needs, has definitely been interesting. As the verse says love – we have learnt to breathe and love – not always in perfect unity – but to bring this many together and ‘blend’ at our age – love has led to listening and compromise.

“And above all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity, Colossians 3:14” 

Change of job for the new year – I have been working in childcare for a long time and now I’m going into something new for 2017 that encompasses my faith as well as being my job – a pastoral care support worker. I’m nervous and excited for what this will bring into my life and what I will be able to offer others.

“Forget the former things, I am doing a new thing, Isaiah 48:13, 19” 

When I look at this list (and I’m sure there would be more if I kept writing) I am brought to 2017 which for me is about “embracing” the changes from 2016 –

2017 “embracing” –

settling into the changes, the new roles, embracing my new environment, embracing my new marriage, blended family, embracing my role as a pastoral care worker… I realise I’m living the changes and they all feel like my life now – I went through the process where things in my life became different which also initiated internal processes that caused changes to the way I see the world.  But I’m excited that I can “embrace” them, I’m ready for 2017

Embrace – the act of accepting something willingly or enthusiastically, To hold close, in affection…. 

I am challenged to remember that I’m not here just to live each day knowing that I am going to a better place (heaven) so now doesn’t matter – but to be motivated by the knowledge of the heavenly future I believe is in store to live a Godly life now. Now is the time to be committed to living a Godly life, honouring God in my actions, attitudes and choices. God directs us to live holy and to be a witness so that the world may see Christ in us. I have had a very long journey to get here, to think this way and not every day is easy, or filled with constant joy and ☀️  and 🍭- but when it feels crap, hard or I start to sink in a hole – I try to come back to this –

“God is within her, she will not fall. Psalm 46:6”

Blessings Skye X


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