There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens: 
Ecclesiastes 3:1

What has your week looked like, your month? Is every day busy? Are you running from one thing to the next? Is your paperwork a pile of crazy? your emails in the 1000’s, washing piling up, children, appointments, work commitments, life feeling insane with busyness.

This has been me lately – sometimes I forget to take the time I need, to focus on self-care – then I start to feel easily irritated, anxious or easily annoyed. Exhaustion kicks in and my health declines… this is a reminder to slow down, take time for myself (which I haven’t been doing!! And now I’m struggling / sick / have hit a wall).

We are all busy – we live in a culture full of fast food, information at the touch of a button, microwave food in minutes that isn’t quick enough! We work, want our children to do music, dance and sport because we don’t want them to miss out. As women (and some men) we want the right to work, raise the children and have time to eat well and work out!! When we don’t meet the standards we set for ourselves, that we feel society sets for us we can fall in a heap, feel like failures, sit in pile of exhaustion, depression and anxiety.

This is not how we are called to live – the bible talks about a time for everything – and at different stages of life we will give different parts of our life priority – and part of feeling like we are where we need to be is excepting that it is ok not to have to do it all, not to have it all together all the time.

When my children were all small I chose to stay home with them and do the playgroup, hang out with other mums, go to Mothers Of Preschoolers thing, that’s what I wanted to do so I did. But if I had wanted to go back to work I would have and that would have been ok too. It’s not about one right way or feeling guilt for the choices we make – it’s about respecting each other’s journey and choices and taking the time to breathe along the way. At other times study has been important (now having two diplomas and several certificates under my belt), at other times my health or someone else’s health have taken centre stage – what happens is not always what we choose.

But take the time to breathe, to sit in the sunshine, relax in the bubble bath, binge watch your favourite shows, read your favourite books (my bible is one of mine) – enjoy your own company. You are unique, special, loved, important. And part of self- care is to keep up-to-date with looking after your health, home, and bills. Mothers day is coming – get there refreshed, renewed – So even if hubby forgets it’s mothers day, or theres no hubby to forget, or the kids burn the toast and argue all day or your babies are in heaven, – you can sit in peace, rest, smile and enjoy the small things. Remember even Jesus withdrew for his own time.

Yet he (Jesus) frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray.. Luke 5:16. 

Blessings Skye x


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